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Core4Switch Overview

Core4Switch is a versatile switching platform with integrated billing. Its robust and flexible architecture has been designed to meet the particular requirements of retail as well as wholesale VoIP operators. Its standalone single server deployment provides small to medium service providers an easy start, while its deployment in distributed architecture makes it suitable for larger IP carriers or telecom providers.

  • Wholesale Services for VoIP Carriers, individual VoIP Traders
  • Retail services for Calling Card, Callback, Callshop
  • Complete Solution for IPTSPs, MVNOs
  • Up to Level 5 Reseller System to Manage Distribution
  • Clustering Solutions for Telecoms to handle millions of users and traffic
  • Integrated Messenger Services for Computers, Mobile Phones, Tablets

Key Features Of Core4Switch

General Features

  • Act as SIP proxy server, registration server and B2B user agent
  • Media gateway for audio proxy and IVR support
  • Both GK register and GW clients support
  • Advance Tariff management with resolution, surcharge and minimum duration support
  • 5 level of Resellers chain management
  • Prefix based dial plan support with priority and balance sharing features
  • Routing based terminations
  • Advance reporting
  • Route users management
  • Pin 2 Pin call facility
  • IVR support for minute and balance
  • Firewall protection for both sip and billing
  • Secure HTTPS billing
  • Notification by SMS and Email for login or any other activities in billing
  • Mobile/tablet browsers support

Key Features

High Performance

Core4switch is designed for high performance and reliability. In a single switching platform it can handle 20,000+ concurrent calls with a stable and smooth manner. It can operate with 1300+ cps (calls per second) with no call drop and high speedy call connects.

Built in Firewall

It’s built in firewall protection rescue vendors from illegal call connect and protect loss in VOIP business.

Audit Trail and SMS/Email Notifications

Cores4witch built in audit trail help you to see all of the billing activities. It will help identify any unauthorized access and protect you to stop it. Notification system email or SMS you in specified circumstances to alert what is going on.

Both Wholesale and Retail

It can operate as wholesale or retail or both. Its class5 and class4 features give all in one support for VoIP providers to run their business.

Data Migration from other SoftSwitches

Its migration feature makes it very easy to import your previous data from any other softswitches to core4switch. Currently it highly supports migrations of VoIPSwitch, ItelSwitch, VOS3000, MtelSwitch, Nexge, etc.

Automatic Data Backup and Restore

Automatic data backup and restore features rescue you from any damage in system protect VoIP business from any loss.

PIN to PIN Calling

Hassle free internal PIN to PIN calling system will help your user call them internally without any routing.

Multiple Reseller Levels

Core4switch currently supports up to 5 levels of resellers. All resellers have their own billing platform to manage their clients and payments.

API Integration

API Integration with any website, Mobile dialer, PC dialer, Payment Gateway and other platform for any data sharing.

Advance Call Simulation and Active Call Viewer

Call log features helps you to identify any call related problem to fix and gives you a detail view of full cycle of a call. Active call analyzer helps determine how much call running in system with ringing/progressing/incall counting with search features by IP/login/callerID/termination etc.

Mobile, Smartphone, Tablet compatible Billing

Core4switch billing supports all type of mobile browsers like Symbian, Android, iOS or any other latest tablets. For small and old mobile devices like Symbian it has special templates for Client and Reseller panels.

Mobile and PC Dialers

Mobile dialer for Symbian, Android, and iOS, and PC dialers are giving retails service providers a wide range of business.

Automatic Balance Protection

Balance never go negative and call will drop immediately if balance goes negative to protect your funds.

Fast Call Connects

Core4switch’s built in caching mechanism makes fast call connects. Its call drop immediately in PDD goes higher than a certain value and try next available route.

Intelligent Routing

Routing based on priority, balance share. LCR, PBR and Performance based Routing.

Advance Reporting

Daily , weekly , monthly and yearly based reporting for profits/losses and reseller, client, termination vendor, etc. wise reports .

Easy Import and Export of Tariffs

Core4switch makes it very easy for tariff import and export from csv or excel. User can import high volume of tariffs in a simple user interface.


Core4switch support SIP and RTP protocols for voice communication. Compatible RFC’s are
  • RFC 3261 - SIP: Session Initiation Protocol
  • RFC 3263 - Locating SIP Servers
  • RFC 3264 - An Offer/Answer Model with SDP
  • RFC 3550 - RTP: A Transport Protocol for Real-Time Applications
  • RFC 3551 - RTP Profile for Audio and Video Conferences with Minimal Control
  • RFC 3555 - MIME Type Registration of RTP Payload Formats
  • RFC 4566 - SDP: Session Description Protocol
  • RFC 3489 - STUN - Simple Traversal of UDP Through NATs
Core4Switch Features

High Performance
Built-in Firewall
Secure Billing
Audit Trail
SMS/Email Notification
Both Wholesale & Retail
Data Migration From Softswitch
Automatic Data Backup & Restore
PIN to PIN Calling
Multiple Reseller Levels
API Integration
Advance Call Simulation and Active Call Viewer
Mobile, Smartphone, Tablet compatible Billing
Mobile and PC Dialers
Automatic Balance Protection
Fast Call Connects
Intelligent Routing
Advance Reporting
Easy Import and Export of Tariffs


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