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VPS Billing

Secure your VoIPswitch & ensure revenue

VoIP billing software which empowers service providers with all necessary tools to successfully implement a wide variety of business models. 

The product features advanced VoIP billing capabilities, carrier grade robustness and high scalability to meet the needs of both emerging and established telecoms and service providers. With unlimited call billing capabilities, VPS Billing enables providers to fine-tune their service offerings and capture the most lucrative market segments.


Client Management

Every call coming to VPS Billing must be securely authorized before processing. VPS Billing authorize calls from 7 types of clients that differ by functions, method of authorization and available options. Some features are the same for all kinds of clients. Clients are added using VSM or VSC or by reseller through VSR pages. In addition automatic registration realized through Web or Portal is used to add clients.

Tariff Management

The cost of every call is calculated using tariff right after disconnection. When tariff for a client changes in the future, all calls made untill this change won't be changed. The system will use new tariff only for new calls and old ones will be left unchanged

Gateway Management

The termination gateways where calls will be sent . VPS Billing forwards traffic to the gateways in direct mode (IP to IP). VPS Billing can log to gatekeeper or registrar by itself and then send calls there. All information(user id+ password + ip address + protocol) used to register should be provided there.This option must be supported by gatekeeper and VPS Billing will handle it.

Dialing Plan Management

Dialing plan is used to route calls to destinations. Routing is based on numbers dialed by clients - every number has to have a destination. When the number is dialed VPS Billing searches for matching prefixes and tries to send a call to the most detailed (the longest matching) prefix. For example, when the number 0091316151 is dialed and prefixes 0091 and 009 are defined in the dialing plan, the system will try to connect the call using the prefix 0091 first. If it can't be connected using that destination, the next attempt could go to the other prefix (009), depending on the Dialing plan configuration. The same prefixes can have different priorities to set the order of choosing them or have a different balance share which enables the Load Balancing feature.

Reseller Management

There are three Reseller levels in VPS Billing. They are below in hierarchical order, from the highest level down to the lowest. 
• Resellers of level III is a group of resellers who is top level. 
• Resellers of level II, apart from creating accounts for resellers of level I. 
• Resellers of level I is the lowest resellers level. This group can create and manage end-client accounts.

Batch Account Generation

With Account Generation it is possible to generate a number of client accounts with specified settings. All generated clients are assigned to a LOT identified by name, therefore the whole client pack can be easily modified later. Accounts generation makes it possible to create a LOT for a reseller (a reseller can see his lot and manage it)

VPS Billing Features

All versions of VOIPSwitch.
Risk Free -7 Day Money Back Guarantee.
Free and Fast Hardware Repair.
Real Time Bandwidth Monitoring Access.
Cisco And Juniper Routers/Switches.
Free Remote Reboot Plug.
Free Reboots.
Free Remote Hands.
Free Port Monitoring.
24 Hour On Site Technical Support.
Cisco And Microsoft Certified Engineers.
Secure Facility.
Redundant Liebert Climate Control Systems.
UPS And Diesel Power Generator.
DELL and SuperMicro Xeon® Servers.
100% Uptime Guarantee.


Server Plus Host is one of the up growing Domain, Hosting service provider who care for their customers as customer satisfaction is important to us.


Control Panel

Hosting Is Easy

We try to provide easy and user friendly control panel so that user can easily use it.


Friendly, Fast & Knowledgable

Our support team is here 24/7 who are friendly to help you . They are fast in determining the solution of your problem.


Blazingly Fast Server

We are currently using highly configured server from USA, Canada, Germany & Singapore.


Guaranteed Uptime

99.99% uptime is guaranteed, so don't worry about uptime anymore

Money Back

Money Back Guarantee

Risk Free 7 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Fast Hardware Repair

Hardware is repaired quickly free of charge as soon it's detected faulty.

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