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Its very long process to transfer vos3000 or MySQL database to remote server as you take backup and restore on remote server. This is how to transfer VOS3000 database on remote server easy way

#mysqldump -u root -pPPPP  vos3000db | sshroot@x.x.x.x mysql -u root -pKKKK  vos3000db

PPPP is local MySQL root password KKKK is remote MySQL root password x.x.x.x change with your vos3000 or MySQL database server IP address

vos3000db is the database which will transfer from local server to remote server.

Hope it will help you and any further query you may contact us.

If you forget Vos3000 admin password you don’t need to worry if you know your MySQL root password.Vos3000 store their password in clear text  so you can read the password.

This is how to retrieve vos3000 admin password
Login as root on vos3000 server
login to MySQL

[root@vostest ~]# mysql -u root -p vos3000db
Enter password :-  (enter your MySql Password)l



Now you are able to see your forget admin password Now login V0s3000 client and change your password.

The SIP protocol defines several functional components. These functional entities can be implemented as a separate server, or the same server can perform multiple functions. VoipSwitch’s class 5 softswitch acts as:

  • Proxy server — performs call routing, authentication, authorization and address resolution
  • Registrar server — User Agents register their location with a registrar server, which places that information into a location database. A registrar server responds to location requests from other servers.
  • Location server — This server maintains the location database for registered User Agents.
  • Back-to-back user agent (B2BUA) — This server acts as a User Agent server and client at the same time. It terminates the signaling from the calling client and then initiates signaling to the called party. B2BUAs are allowed to change the content of requests, giving them more control over the call parameters.
  • Presence server — This server gathers presence information from Presentities and subscription information from Watchers, and sends status notifications.
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